When any content is uploaded to a shared hosting account or downloaded using it, some website traffic is produced and that is an aspect that each hosting plan comes with. It is moreover one of the features you should check, since the amount of website traffic quota you will need depends upon what you need the account for. The traffic is mostly produced by downloads including site visits. In layman's terms, anytime someone visits your site, the pages are downloaded from the server on his/her computer and they're then displayed by their internet browser. It's of course important to know that uploads matter too, and every time you copy larger files from your computer to the server, some traffic is generated as well. Different companies may have different names for this feature, such as traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however they all apply to the same thing - the exact amount of incoming & outgoing data produced for a given period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting
The monthly web site traffic quota for all our shared hosting plans is sufficient for any site. If you have a personal blog, a discussion forum or an e-commerce portal, the amount of information will be transferred to and from your account or reaching some low allowance restriction will never be a cause for your web sites to be unavailable. In addition, we offer you elaborate website traffic data, so that you'll be able to check how much data is being downloaded at any time. The hourly, daily and monthly numbers will inform you on how your sites are performing, what kind of files produce the most site traffic as well as much more useful info to help you take care of the websites plus your account altogether. The stats can be reached with just a couple of clicks in your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.