Creating a CNAME record for any one of the domain addresses or subdomains that you have within a hosting account allows you to point it to a different domain/subdomain. The forwarded domain will lose all of its records - A, MX and so forth, and will take the records of the domain name it is being directed to. In this light, you can't set up a CNAME record to point your domain to a third-party company and retain a functional email service with the first hosting provider. It is also essential to know that a CNAME record is always a string of words and not a number because it is generally confused with the A record of the Internet domain being redirected. One of the major uses of a CNAME record is to direct a domain you own through one company to the servers of another company when you have set up a website with the latter. In this way, the site will appear under your own domain name, not under some subdomain provided by the third-party company.
CNAME Records in Shared Hosting
You can effortlessly set up CNAME records in case you have a shared hosting from our company. We'll supply you with an easy-to-use CP where you can observe all DNS records for the domain addresses and subdomains which are hosted inside the account. Creating a CNAME record includes several simple steps - choose the domain/subdomain, select CNAME as the type, enter the hostname you are forwarding to, then simply click the Save button. The process is as easy as that and the new record is going to be active almost immediately. In this way, you will have more control over your domain names and subdomains and over the content they open, you'll be able to set up a private URL for company e-mails, and a lot more. If you feel unsure about how to create a new record or you have never done such a task, we have a short video tutorial where you can see the whole process first-hand. If you choose to change or delete an existing CNAME record created for a domain/subdomain hosted on our end, it'll take you literally only a mouse click to get it done.